Musings from long ago:

These pages are designed to share general stories, miscellaneous writing and related photos, usually related to my travels.  Everything on the Wispy Clouds site was written or photographed by me, unless otherwise specified.  I won't mention that I didn't shoot a photo that I'm in - you can assume it - no wait, I mentioned it, shoot..

Professional Writing:

I wrote an article entitled, "Wine Tasting 101" published in the January/February 2004 edition of Skyline Magazine.

Currently I am working on a book, working title, "Tequila Sunrise". The gist of this novel is that a Mexican American woman is suspected of killing her boyfriend who is found dead in her bed.  In her search for information about him to steer the police toward a different suspect, she learns of coincidental ties to her family in Mexico. So, she travels to the land of her ancestors, a land that she had never known, and encounters a wide gap between good and evil.  At times determining which is which proves difficult, and avoiding becoming the killer's next victim, even more so.


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