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Vacations Future

Vacations Past

or Why I've Been Working All These Years

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I'm sure I've missed some between 8/2005 and 10/2006
Phoenix (1/2008)
Los Angeles (12/2007)
Maui, Hawaii (3/2007)
Los Angeles (11&12/2006)
Scotland & England (7/30/2005 - 8/11/2005)
(Trip with James' bag piping band)
Colorado Mountains, Lost Park (7/15-16/2005)
(Camping with the puppies for the first time)
Mexico City & Teotihuacán (5/26-30/2005)
(Visiting Lilia & Diana, and introducing James to this incredible place)
Santa Barbara (4/8-10/2005)
(Greg's and Stephanie's wedding)
Colorado Springs (4/22-24/2005)
(Pike's Peak Writer's Conference) - no photos taken
Avon, Copper, Beaver Creek (1/2005)
(Week in the mountains with Jacob, snowshoeing, snowboarding, etc.) - no photos taken
Los Angeles & Rancho Mirage (11/2004)
(Thanksgiving with Deanna's mom and family) - no photos taken
Los Angeles/Simi Valley (10/2004)
(Grandma Evelyn Sarra's Funeral) - no photos taken
Portland (7/2004)
(Grandpa Raymond Cox's Funeral)
Maui (9/2004)
(Honeymoon and writer's conference)
Alaskan Cruise (July, 2004)
Mt. Rushmore (May, 2004)
Whidbey Island (5/2004)
(Writers' Conference)
Boise (12/2003)
(Christmas with James' family)
Los Angeles & Rancho Mirage (11/2003)
(Thanksgiving with Deanna's mom and family)
Mexico City (11/2003)
(Visiting Lilia)
Breckenridge (8/2003)
(Week in mountains with Kirsten & Scott)
< photos to be here> 
Los Angeles (1/2003)
(Deanna's mom's wedding)
< photos to be here> 
Los Angeles (9/2002)
(Sandy's 65th)
< photos to be here> 
Scotland & England (6/2002)
(Almost 2 weeks in the UK with Kirsten & Scott)
  Castle Tioram
Opryland Hotel (11/2/01 - 11/7/01)
(PMI 2001 Conference, Nashville)

PMI 2001 Conference

Argentina & Uruguay (9/20/01 - 9/25/01)
(Trip with Dad)
< photos to be here> 
Vail (8/31/01 - 9/3/01)
(Visiting with Lilia and Karen)

Minturn and Dillon

Hawaii, the big island (8/3/01 - 8/14/01)
(A week on the big island)

First Few 

Disney and Laguna Beach (5/16/01 - 5/20/01)

Laguna Beach

Paris (12/1/00 - 12/3/00)

City Sights

San Francisco (9/1/00 - 9/4/00)
(Carman and Todd's wedding)

The Flight
The Westin St. Francis
The Wedding
The Wine Tasting
Pier 39 (or something like that)

Idaho (7/1/00 - 7/5/00)

Idaho City

New Orleans (4/6/00 - 4/13/00)
(Business trip w/ a little free time)

St. Charles Avenue Trolley
Metairie Cemetery
CA World
The Food:
    Emeril's Restaurant
    Brennan's for Breakfast
    Cafe du Monde

Santa Barbara (3/10/00 - 3/12/00)

The airport
The beach

Mexico (2/24/00 - 2/28/00)

Mexico City
El Zócalo

Links to related information:
Mexico's national anthem
Map of Mexico
Mexican history and general information

CJ's Retirement Party  (2/6/00)
Los Angeles (1/28/00 - 1/30/00)

Santa Monica Pier
J. Paul Getty Museum
Warner Brothers Lot
Warner Brothers Offices

Mexico (10/29/99 - 11/8/99)

Mexico City
Excursion outside Mexico City
Tepoztlán & Amatlán
Chapultepec Park


Bay Area (4/99)

Wine Country
Easter in Palo Alto

Belgium and South Africa (5/31/98 - 6/11/98)
(Study Group Vacation after Class Trip)

Kruger National Park

Germany and Poland (5/23/98 - 5/31/98)
(MBA Class Final Trip)

A Polish Town (starts with a "B")

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