November 2-7, 2001

Each year the Project Management Institute holds a symposium and many project management related classes in a different city in the United States.   This year the symposium was held at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.  They began displaying some of their Christmas decorations while we were there.

The hotel complex is quite large as can be seen by the map below.  My room was at the location of the blue happy face.  The Godiva Chocolate Boutique was at the location of the red heart.  It was a happy time.


   Xmas Tree.jpg (57469 bytes) GardenLightsAtNight.jpg (61130 bytes)   

<Captions soon to come>


ConventionCenterAtNight.jpg (39365 bytes)  BalloonAtNight.jpg (65374 bytes)

ConventionCenterAtNight.jpg (39365 bytes)



Delta&Jester.jpg (80250 bytes) TheOutside.jpg (32309 bytes)DeltaIsland.jpg (57163 bytes)  MoreDelta.jpg (75268 bytes)


Team5&6Bridge.jpg (37181 bytes)  LastShot.jpg (62222 bytes)

In our pre-symposium class, teams 5 and 6 cooperated to create a bridge for the least amount of time and cost.  We lost the bid by a nose because we were farther from our original estimate than another team.



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