December 3-4, 2000

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What do you do when it's the end of the year, and you find yourself a few thousand miles short of the Executive Premier United Frequent Flier status?  Well, you decide that if you can find a reasonable fare to Europe, you'll go for the weekend.  

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A typical street in Paris.  However, this one is a bit special as it houses a McDonald's restaurant on the corner not visible on the right.


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Subway stations in Paris have character.  Sometimes shady characters, sometimes hysterical characters, and other times ceramic ones.

FrontOfSacredHeart.jpg (45224 bytes)    RightSideOfLouvre.jpg (37522 bytes)  BeautifulSidewalk.jpg (56681 bytes)    BackOfNotreDame.jpg (34851 bytes)  

Here are a few attractions I saw in my mere 18-20 waking hours in Paris. (Sacred Heart, Louvre, a famous street with a name I can't recall right now, and Notre Dame)


Eiffel&Water.jpg (30864 bytes)  EiffelBathroom.jpg (28480 bytes)  UnderEiffel'sSkirt.jpg (29460 bytes)

The Eiffel Tower from the other side of the Seine, from the ladies' room at the top, and from underneath.





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