February 25 - 28, 2000

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The Zócalo in Mexico City is the main town square.  It is claimed to be the largest gathering place in the world, second only to Red Square in Moscow.

View of the Cathedral from the restaurant balcony on the fourth floor of the Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de México.  I ate breakfast here on Friday with my father, and on Monday with my journal.

This is the government building on the east side of the Zócalo. Saturday night there was a free movie played in the square entitled, "The Colonel Has Nobody to Write to Him"  Stands are still visible.

The view from my room window on the second floor above the ground floor.  This picture was taken Sunday evening.

Two sides of the Zócalo are delineated by government buildings, the east side, and the south side.

Beginning of flag ceremony, Monday, 8:00am.  Each morning we were awoken to the sound of drums and trumpets as a small group raised the flag.

Raising the flag.  This morning the ceremony was more elaborate than the others, and occurred about two hours later than those witnessed before.

The ceremony is about to end, with the flag at half mast.  I learned that someone famous in Aztec history died on February 28 in the 1500s, and that is the reason for the flag being at half mast.

This is the Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de México on the corner, viewed from the Zócalo.  My room was on the middle floor of white-draped windows on the far right side.


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