August 3-14, 2001

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The trip began as an attempt to relax.  I had already been to this island, and it takes only 8 hours to drive around the whole thing.  What more would I need to see?  Well, it turned out that I needed to see some things again, and there were so many other sites and places I hadn't visited.

James had the same plan in the beginning, and continued to have it throughout the trip.  I dragged him to lots of places a car-drive away, and he was a sport about it.  Maybe our vacation in December to Vail will be more relaxing than exciting.  We'll see.  

We'll start with the people in the place, then show pictures the activities and beaches, then the flora and fauna.

JamesOnPlane.jpg (26167 bytes)
    James in plane on the way over

JamesOnBeachInMaui.jpg (30753 bytes)      
James on beach in Maui

            Dinner at Edwards, wonderful food, wonderful view, and wonderful company


D&JOnWaterfallHike.jpg (62456 bytes)
Deanna & James during waterfall hike

JamesRestingInCar.jpg (57061 bytes)
James finally gets some rest



FireRing.jpg (25961 bytes)
Playing with fire at a luau


LuauSunset.jpg (34964 bytes)  SunsetAtSouthernTipOfUSA.jpg (31462 bytes)
Sunsets at 1) luau in Kona, 2) southern tip of the USA

SeaAndSmallCanyon.jpg (61943 bytes)  BlackSandBeach.jpg (43120 bytes)
Nice little canyon, and black sand beach


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