CJ's Retirement Party

February 6, 2000

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CJ walking into her home, surprised to see balloons affixed to lamps and other protrusions, and a few people she didn't expect to be milling about her house.

CJ opening her first gift.  It's a pretty framed saying about friendship.  Others watch in envy and drool over the object as it is passed around the room.

CJ holding up candles in the shape of frogs on lily pads.  Their home is sitting on her lap, eagerly awaiting water.  The crowd approves of the new addition to her frog collection.

CJ holds up her retirement attire, indicating her tough new schedule.  Rick is seen here in the background pondering the many years of work he has left.

Scott, Lara, and Jeff are clearly involved in a situation which is interesting, funny, and boring at the same time. 

Mary is being attacked by Tom, after they forced me to erase the previous photo I took of them, which was more compromising.

Kirsten and Lise reacting to something extremely funny.

Kirsten thinking, "Are you sure you really want to take that photo?"


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