Photos of House We Bought

We closed on this house on May 16, 2005.  It was a foreclosure, and was filthy, needed landscaping and a fresh coat of paint in many places.  However, we love the layout, location, view, and more, so we're excited to have won the bid.

Some of our ideas for improvement include: Adding landscaping in the front and the back (mostly done), replacing the stove and ovens (done), painting the interior, adding plants (the hard-to-kill kind) and art to the niches, painting and sealing the deck, adding a pad for the hot tub (done), adding a counter to the cabinets in the master bedroom, adding a towel rack to the master bath, replacing the carpet, purchasing a large built-in refrigerator (done), replacing the white kitchen outlets with black ones, and adding accent paint to various niches and/or walls.

The "good", "bad & ugly" photos below were taken before we owned the house.  There are photos of our improvements below the neighborhood shots.

The Good:


The Bad and the Ugly:


The Neighborhood:

The Improvements:

Sunset from our back deck (okay, this isn't really an improvement, just an appreciated feature)

Stamped concrete stairs and path in the front

Stamped concrete along the side of the house

New gas stove to replace disgusting broken one (see photo in ugly section)

New ovens to replace broken ones

Painted garage strip (note green strip in original frontal photos). Landscaping is in process

New kitchen sink (really) to replace disgusting one (see picture in the ugly section)

Most of front landscaping is in

My Eastern Red Bud tree, multi-trunked

Grass and Autumn Blaze Maple, with stamped concrete driveway extension

View from bottom of yard up at house, with 2 puppies looking through from deck

Top of stairs and Autumn Blaze Maple in back

Lawn in back and hot tub pad to left

Garage floor before painting

Garage floor after painting

In the middle of re-roofing - tiles have been removed