Here are some photo thumbnails of the house I bought in July, 2000 and am living in now.   Click on the image to see a larger version.

ViewFromFrontWindow.jpg (37599 bytes)
Rainy day view of the front yard from living room
Liv&DiningFromEntry.jpg (22847 bytes)
Living room and dining room, after dining room remodel
WinstonCleaning.jpg (35864 bytes)
Dining room, and Winston, before remodel
ViewFromBayWindow.jpg (33042 bytes)
Rainy day view into back yard from bay window
NewLightingLight.jpg (35367 bytes)
New lighting fixtures
RemodeledDiningRm.jpg (35369 bytes)
Dining room after remodel 
Rolltop.jpg (42205 bytes)
LibBookcases.jpg (48993 bytes)
Library Also 
NWTreesInBack.jpg (78065 bytes)
Backyard trees in fall 

DiningArea.jpg (33319 bytes)
Kitchen table 
DenYellowCoat.jpg (38447 bytes)
Family room's first coat of paint
Niche&FinalOvercoat.jpg (29538 bytes)
Family room in the process 
Den010212.jpg (28776 bytes)
Status of family room,
as of 2/12/2001.  See photo below for the original look. 
Den01-11-27.jpg (33183 bytes)
Family room as of 11/27/01.

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FamilyRoom.JPG (33742 bytes)
Family room before my purchase in 6/2000.

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Here are some photo thumbnails of the house before I bought it.  The previous owner's furniture and belongings are inside in these pictures, but most of the rest of it is the same now.  Click on the image to see a larger version.

FrontOfHouse.JPG (61423 bytes)
Front of house
LivingRoomWithoutFlash.JPG (27448 bytes)
Living room & dining room
FamilyRoom.JPG (33742 bytes)
Family room
CupboardsAboveStove.JPG (44336 bytes)
Dishwasher.JPG (38164 bytes)
Kitchen sink
MasterBdroom.JPG (33160 bytes)
Bedroom that I'll remodel ASAP
DuckInYard.JPG (61021 bytes)
Back yard
Playhouse&Trees.JPG (47686 bytes)
Patio&Spa.JPG (48408 bytes)
Patio & hot tub
9541_Grand_Ave.jpg (91715 bytes)
Late March view of front of house
Spring_hits_Denver.JPG (42720 bytes)
End of street looking back toward house
DriveBy.JPG (37109 bytes)
Drive by shot of front of house

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