Front Door Dove Ridge House Grand Ave House Pottery 2001 Pottery 2002 Family Photos Photo Collage Guess That Photo These pages are designed to share photos of my family, my extended family, and my ancestors.  At some point I may have wonderfully organized categories, but for now, I have simply the photos below.  Some are thumbnails so you can click on them for a larger version.  The order is almost reverse chronological, and most photos were not taken by me.

Engagement photo, June 2004

Me, scuba diving, June 2004

Me, James and Jacob at Mom's wedding, January 2003

James, me, Jeff, Mom, Sandy, Stephanie, Greg, Jacob, Grandma, Kayla, Christian, Brandon, January 2003
D in St. Andrews.jpg (40924 bytes)
Not very recent photo of me in Scotland: 6/2002


Dad Dee & Really Pink House3.jpg (46870 bytes)
Dad and me in Buenos Aires: 9/22/2001
GrmaDMom.jpg (171439 bytes)
G'ma, me, and Mom: early 2001?

Jeff, me, Grandma, Greg, and Christian, November, 2003
KaylaSchoolPhoto.jpg (23322 bytes)
Christian&Greg.JPG (21686 bytes)
Christian & Greg: 1/27/2000
JeffWithPlant.jpg (46401 bytes)
Jeff & Plant: 1/29/2000
D&G'ma.JPG (24301 bytes)
Me & Grandma: 1/28/2000
DarDarInCabin.jpg (45210 bytes)
Darlene in her cabin in Alaska: 2000
WinstonWithBooks.jpg (37774 bytes)
Winston: 10/2000
He turned 17 on April 6, 2004
Now, for the older ones: dmcdrink.jpg (26507 bytes)
Starting young: 1966
LilD.JPG (24691 bytes)
First child 
LilJ.JPG (9323 bytes)
Second child
LilG.JPG (25412 bytes)
Third child

Four generations: Deanna, Valerie, Evelyn, & Suzanne, October 1979
CoxFamily.jpg (22256 bytes)
Cox Family: around 1970

Arthur, Shirley, and Warren, 1960?

Cox Family: around 1963


DadInHS.jpg (9197 bytes)
Dad: around 1963
Shirly&RaymondWedding.jpg (17151 bytes)
Shirley and Raymond Cox on their wedding day: 2/23/1944
EGLMWedding.JPG (15056 bytes)
Esther and Lloyd Miller on their wedding day: 7/19/1920


Photo gallery below is from photos that Darlene let me scan in 2004:


Boys, Shirley & sister

Dad, 1947

Darlene & Randy

David, Jeff, Darlene & Deanna

Deanna, David & Darlene, December 1966

Deanna & Darlene, December 1966

Raymond, I think

Raymond & Shirley, August 1966

Shirley, Darlene, Deanna, Valerie & Wendell

Shirley, Esther, Darlene & Deanna




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