Ethan's Travels

Date Range Location(s) Purpose Main Memories
12/23/07 - 12/26/07 Los Angeles/ Encino/ Simi Valley Christmas with Mom's family First flight, almost being eaten by cousin Cameron, all the presents, meeting new family members
1/11/08 - 1/13/08 Phoenix/ Mesa/ Gilbert BJ's surprise 40th birthday party Meeting new friends, eating cereal in a restaurant, lots of decorations at BJ's place
1/16/08 - 1/20/08 Philadelphia Mom's PMI meeting Walks with Dad, TSA fight, networking with PMI folks
3/2008 (?) Boise Visiting Dad's family
5/2008 Malta EMEA PMI Congress
6/2008 Phoenix / Mexico Vacation with the Hiatts and Browns
8/2008 Breckenridge, CO Vacation with the Fischers
12/2008 Los Angeles Christmas with Mom's family
3/2009 Boise Visiting Dad's family Playing with Grandma and Grandpa, playing with new Nemo toys, walking back and forth on the moving walkway"
3/2009 Houston Going to work with Mom Houston Rodeo, aquarium
3 & 4/2009 Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Ocho Rios Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel Cruise with Grandma, Grandpa, & Aunt Jodi's family Spending time with cousins Jennifer and Jordan, seeing and touching sea turtles, playing in the sand
5/2009 Los Angeles Visiting Mom's family Walking along the lake leading his great, great, Aunt Roxie
7/2009 Houston Going to work with Mom  
7/2009 Kalispell, MT Visiting the Odoms Walking through the bear country, playing in the lake
9/2009 Houston Going to work with Mom Play date and playing in the sand
10/2009 Orlando 1,2 NA PMI Congress, Disney! Visiting with Aunt Kim, seeing the Magic Kingdom for the first time, seeing fireworks for the first time
11/2009 Los Angeles Thanksgiving with Mom's family  
12/2009 Houston Going to work with Mom Rain and more rain
3/2010 Houston Going to work with Mom Houston rodeo
3/2010 Los Angeles Aunt Sutin's baby shower Seeing baby Mason when he was only a couple of days old
5/2010 Milan, Italy Getting to Milan (PMI EMEA Congress) Getting stuck in Munich because of an ash cloud, playing in the park
5/2010 Rome, Italy Vacation The Colosseum, the "colorful" tour bus
5/2010 Milan, Italy Vacation  
5/2010 Going home from Milan Vacation  
5/2010 Rancho Mirage Visiting Grandma & Grandpa Sandy Swimming for hours
8/2010 St. Louis Visiting Grandpa & Grandma Jean Racing Grandpa in the park, learning about corn fields, trying Nutella
9/2010 Colorado Springs Labor Day excursion Cave of the Winds, driving through the mountains, the Dinosaur Museum, swimming
10/2010 Washington, DC 1, 2, 3 NA PMI Congress Toes in the Potomac, boat tours, bus rides, visiting with Aunt Kim, Smithsonian
11/2010 Los Angeles & Rancho Mirage Thanksgiving with Mom's family Feeding fish, chocolate chip cookies, swimming, driving a golf cart
12/2010 Boise, 1, 2 Christmas with Dad's family

Remote control dinosaur, going to the zoo, seeing and playing with ferrets

5/2011 Colorado Springs Zoo visit Feeding the giraffes, hanging out with Daddy's family
7//2011 Hawaii Mom's PMI Governance Committee meetings (and family vacation) Lazy river swimming at the Hyatt on Kauai, snorkeling, playing in the ocean, meeting friend Patrick
7/2011 Empire Lake, CO Camping Toads! Buckets of them. Riding in a boat. Camping with the Fischers.
7/2011 Los Angeles Uncle Greg's 40th birthday Swimming with cousins
8/2011 Estes Park Camping with the Hiatts Big elk sighting, skinning knees, playing with Meggie, and FISHING!
9/2011 Breckenridge Weekend get-away Hiking, cool bathtub, finding a lake
10/2011 Mueller State Park Camping with the Hiatts Beautiful hikes, finding salamanders, kissy potion with Megan
10/2011 Dallas NA PMI Congress Swimming with cousins (a new set), visiting with Aunt Kim, Legoland
11/2011 Los Angeles Grandma's 65th birthday Collecting "jewels" at Grandma's party, swinging in the park, watching a bookcase fall on Cousin Caiden
5/2012 France EMEA PMI Congress ??
5/2012 Mueller State Park ?  
10/2012? Vancouver ?