Ethan's Food Chart

Food When Introduced Initial reaction and subsequent reactions
Carrots * 4/7/08 planned  
Mango 4/5/08  
Apricots 4/1/08 Seems to like them.
Pumpkin 3/21/08 for just a day, then again on 3/29/08 Only ate this for one day, but had to change diet because of ear infection medication. Really likes pumpkin from the can.
Plums * 3/18/08 Ethan likes plums.  Plus it has a cool color.
Tofu * 3/15/08 Makes a funny face.  Clearly related to the texture or temperature, since heated and mixed with a little applesauce is a big hit.
Avocado * 3/11/08 Doesn't seem impressed, but didn't feel like eating anything that first meal.  Ate it well other times, but not from Daddy.
Zucchini * 3/8/08 Liked it at first, but since has developed the strongest dislike expressed yet.
Green beans 3/5/08 Doesn't really like them
Peaches 3/1/08 Likes it
Applesauce 2/26/08 Loves it
Bananas * 2/23/08 Loves them
Pears 2/20/08 Doesn't care for them
Peas * 2/15/08 Loves them
Sweet Potatoes * 2/10/08 Likes it a lot
Butternut Squash * 2/6/08 Likes it a lot

* Prepared at home