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Welcome to Ethan's Site

A few things that have changed on this site recently:

(11-14-09) I updated the trips/travel page so I believe all trips involving an airplane are included, and if the trip had only one day of photos, there is a link to that in the table. I haven't worked out how to handle the trips with multiple pages of photos yet.

Video Clips - Updates Soon
(11-14-09) About a year ago we worked out a way to relatively easily add video clips, so we added them to the appropriate journal pages, from 9/7/08 on to... I'm not sure what date. At some point that stopped working - I think it was when we moved the web page development to a Mac, and hadn't identified a tool to convert the videos. A new tool has been identified and videos should be back on the journal pages again soon.

Journal Updated Frequently
This is the spot that is changing the most rfrequently, usually twice a week. It contains journal entires and photos with captions.

First Year Pages & Photos
I noticed recently that some of the first year pages are no longer accessible, so we are working on that... (11-14-09)

On Stage His First Week