Landers Baby Page


Summary Information

Originally estimated due date: September 18, 2007.
Gender: It's a boy!
Multiples?: No, singleton
Name: Ethan Liam Landers (July 27th is when we first came up with it).

Journal - More detailed thoughts on this whole thing.

Next steps:

Date Action / Step Result (expected or actual)
1/22/07 HCG count blood test, then first ultrasound scheduling Over 2000 (meaning we can schedule ultrasound)
1/23/07 1st ultrasound One baby, saw heart beat (looked like rice pulsating)
1/30/07 1st official ob/gyn appointment All's well, got good info
2/5/07 2nd ultrasound All's well, saw heart beat inside baby
3/1/07 Ob/gyn appointment All's well, baby looks much bigger via ultrasound
3/5/07 1st screening appointment Got lots of good u/s shots, saw baby moving a lot, heard heartbeat.
3/13/07 Beginning of 2nd trimester Everyone will ask the gender and name, and ask about Mommy's health and mood more frequently. Life will appear to revolve around this child even more than before since the cat will be out of the bag. I think this will reduce the stress of keeping it a secret, and the majority of the miscarriage risk will be behind us.
3/23/07 Baby's first trip to Hawaii; Jake's too. Aloha!  It was fantastic- baby got to snorkel, kind of.
4/6/07 Ob/gyn appointment All's well, heard heart beat (160 bpm).
4/12/07 Amniocentesis Eeeeeew.  It's over, results should be in by 4/20. Results are in (4/23/07) and it's a healthy boy!
5/6/07 Tour of hospital facilities James and I went.  We'll have to reschedule a time for Jake to go since he was in TaeKwonDo camp this weekend. Facilities were very nice. Learned what hours they admit through Emergency (outside 6am-6pm), and learned about food sources while there (for those NOT laboring).  "Room service" is available throughout the day, which is a big plus. They even have Internet connection in the rooms, but its hard-wired.
5/7/07 Ob/gyn appointment All's well, heard heart beat (148 bpm). No ultrasounds done.
6/4/07 Ob/gyn appointment Gestational diabetes & anemia tests done. I don't have diabetes, but my iron's a little low.  I'll be starting supplements to take care of it.  All's well with the baby and uterus size.  Heard heart beat (152 bpm).
6/11/07 Ob/gyn appointment (impromptu) Blood test done, all's well. Airport symptoms (see journal) were indicative of dropped blood sugar or high blood pressure, fairly common in pregnant women. Doctor says to consider ceasing travel and definitely stop after end of June.
6/18/07 Ob/gyn appointment (9:15am) Follow-up from 11th appointment. All's well.
7/2/07 Ob/gyn appointment (11:00am) Ultrasound done, but couldn't see much -he's too big. Almost end of 29th week.
7/7&8/07 Childbirth Preparation Class 1-6:00pm each day; James and I attended. Learned good stuff, and saw good videos.
7/16/07 Ob/gyn appointment (9:00am) Almost end of 31st week. Went well. Heard heart beat (148 bpm). Was told that I'm "all baby".
7/26/07 Last of the nursery furniture was delivered Just missing the changing table and a board to make the set into a larger bed, later.
7/30/07 Ob/gyn appointment (8:45am) Almost end of 33rd week. Heard heart beat (148 bpm) along with at least three kicks/movements during the heart monitoring.
8/3/07 Ob/gyn appointment (10:30am) Special appointment to check on hypertension status and impact on baby. Baby was fine, my vitals were fine, blood showed a different story. Admitted to the hospital.
8/7/07 Ob/gyn appointment (10:45am) End of 34th week. Special appointment to check on baby's condition, and do more blood work.  All looked well, but uric acid increased a bit.
8/9/07 Ob/gyn appointment (12:15pm) Special appointment to check on baby's condition, and do more blood work. Blood results were stable, everything else good.
8/10/07 Ultrasound appointment (10:00am) Special appointment to do Doppler measurements on baby to determine size more accurately.  Baby is 5 lbs, amniotic fluid levels are good, and the blood flow through the placenta is good as well.
8/11/07 Infant Care Class 12:30 - 5:30pm: James and I will attend if the doctor allows. Cancelled class - doctor would allow with legs up, but I couldn't see doing that for 5 hours since I tend to sleep every 2 or so. We're looking into a postpartum doula / baby nurse which should help in this area as well.
8/13/07 Ob/gyn appointment Next in a series... Blood pressure was high for the first time, other tests were good.
8/14/07 Ob/gyn appointment Next in a series... Blood pressure was good this time.
8/15/07 Baby Safe Class 6:00pm - 9:30pm: James, and Jake will attend, and learn infant CPR & car seat safety. I'll have to take a class at a later time when I'm not on bed rest.
8/16/07 Ob/gyn appointment Next in a series... Blood pressure was high, protein in urine, baby looks good on the monitor.  We're still waiting on the blood results, but doctor thinks we need to have the baby next week, after the 36 week point.
8/18/07 Baby Shower Save-the-Date cards went out the week of 5/29/07. Invitations went out approximately 7/12/07. I was able to attend though on bed rest, by reclining on a couch through the event.  I got tired near the end but it was a wonderful event and great to see everyone.
8/20/07 Ob/gyn appointment (9:15am) Almost end of 36th week. All's well.  Set an induction date of August 28th, which is the end of the 37th week.
8/23/07 Ob/gyn appointment (10:30am) All tests were good, so we're staying on schedule with the induction for August 28th, 7:30am check in. I need to call an hour earlier to make sure they have beds available, as apparently 8-9 months ago was when we had a few blizzards and lots of people took the opportunity to make babies.
8/27/07 Breastfeeding Class 6:00pm - 9:00pm: We didn't attend. What did they do before these sorts of classes? Did the baby just go hungry? Hmmm.
8/28/07 Baby Due The "It's a boy!" won't be a surprise, but will we hear, "He has red hair!"?
8/29/07 Baby born! He had dark hair, though who knows whether it will stay that way?


Mommy's Temperature Gauge

Date Tummy Shots

Mood, Health, Overall Feeling for the Day

January 20, 2007   sleep
January 21, 2007  


January 23, 2007   happy, and queasy
January 24, 2007 good
January 26, 2007  

impatient How long do 9 months last?  Forever.

January 30, 2007   Blood pressure is low (good), weight hasn't changed in a month (also good).
January 31, 2007   pudgy (weight hasn't changed, but things have been redistributed, and not all flatteringly)
February 1, 2007  


February 4, 2007  


February 8, 2007   tired, wiped out, pooped
February 11, 2007  


February 18, 2007  

tired, but happy to be home

February 21, 2007   happy and busy
February 22, 2007   ready to see another ultrasound; early March is too far away    
February 24, 2007  

Cough!  Las Vegas is not for pregnant people

February 26, 2007   happy
February 27, 2007  

Wonderful! Very few uncomfortable or inconvenient symptoms, and I'm still wearing my normal clothes (pants unzipped a bit though)

March 6, 2007 approx 12 weeks
March 6, 2007     pregnant - I think I look pregnant for the first time
March 7, 2007  


March 12, 2007  


March 13, 2007  

   feeling good

March 19, 2007  

feeling good

March 20, 2007

14 weeks

April 1, 2007

~16 weeks

April 4, 2007  

heartburn -3rd day in a row

April 17, 2007

 18 weeks

April 19, 2007

 Tummy Art (note the feet to the right)

April 23, 2007  

Feeling great

April 26, 2007  

Feeling great

April 30, 2007

20 weeks                  

May 1, 2007

Half-way there! 20 weeks! Yes!              
Perhaps a clothed belly shot would be more appropriate from now on...

May 4, 2007  

Felt baby move on the outside, and even saw the blouse move from his pushing

May 5, 2007  

Daddy felt the baby move, and spent time identifying where the various baby parts were: "This is the head, here's the butt, this is an elbow..."

May 7, 2007  

Dr. said uterus is in the right position (good), so all's well.

May 10, 2007  

Feeling great. Received flowers for Mother's Day today from "the Kids" clearly in baby's voice. They were beautiful and the card was adorable.    

May 15, 2007

  22 weeks - still feeling great, but hungry a lot of the time. Feeling baby kick/punch/dance a lot, especially when I'm in the car singing along with the music. Is he asking me to stop? Hm.

May 21, 2007   Many times in the past week (since I was home and not in Austin) I said, "Hello Baby" when he got my attention and James said, "What?" - "Oh, nothing."  Sure, we appeared to be the only two in the room, but it soon became evident that I wasn't talking to James.
May 22, 2007   Today my belly button closed.  Who knew that was an option? Innie or Outie, those were the possibilities in my mind. It's like there's so much pressure pulling from the sides that the hole just closed into a horizontal slit.
May 27, 2007 Summer dress time.
May 29, 2007 I've been feeling a bit huge recently. And I'm only 5 months along (well, 24 weeks)... amazing.
June 4, 2007   Registered today - what an experience.  2 hours and still not done, but learned a lot.
June 5, 2007 Note how much the blouse comes out from the pants at the bottom - that's all baby!
June 12, 2007 26 weeks.  Look at the difference between these two photos taken minutes apart - amazing apparent size difference.
June 21, 2007 Taking pictures at James' TaeKwonDo testing. A lady came up to me and said they'd been talking (whoever "they" are), and they agreed that I make pregnancy look easy. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I think it's a compliment.
June 26, 2007 28 weeks.  Shirt says "Got a little Irish in me."  2nd photo is a good example of my "chipmunk cheeks".  I also sometimes have chipmunk feet and fingers too.  Note how camera angle and positioning make a huge difference in apparent size.
July 6, 2007   Sleepy and hungry quite often
July 10, 2007 30 weeks - wow, look at that belly!  And over 2 months left to go!
July 24, 2007   32 weeks
August 3, 2007  <pictures before leaving home to be here soon> Admitted to the hospital with pregnancy-induced hypertension. Lower platelets and higher uric acid are the main symptoms.
August 7, 2007   34 weeks - still pregnant, with appointments scheduled out through 8/10/07. Otherwise, it's a day-by-day call as to whether I go to the hospital or wait till the next set of tests.
August 20, 2007   Foster providing his usual support, hanging out with me while I am on bed rest.
August 21, 2007   36 weeks - We made it to this point which is an amazing milestone.
August 28, 2007   37 weeks - the day we went into the hospital. Ethan was born the next day.

Baby's Temperature Gauge



January 23, 2007 6 weeks old. Heartbeat of 106 beats per minute, which is very good. Only one baby is present and it is the right size. Baby is 1/8 of an inch, and appears at the bottom of the dark circle, between the two plus (+) symbols.
January 29, 2007
February 5, 2007 Almost 8 weeks old. Baby is the stuff between plus signs on the left side of the dark circle on the right. Attached near top of uterus, which is good. The horizontal lighter line in the middle is the heart.
February 11, 2007
February 22, 2007
February 27, 2007 11 weeks; size of a large lime (why do they always refer to fruit for comparison?)
March 1, 2007 11 weeks and 2 days.  The head is toward the bottom, saw the heartbeat.
March 5, 2007 Heart: 162 beats per minute. Picture below: Head is to the left, tongue sticking out, nice prominent nose.
Picture below: Close-up of profile (looking to our right) and left hand in front of face.
March 20, 2007
April 12, 2007

4 chambers of the heart in the upper picture, baby on back in 2nd.

April 23, 2007 It's a healthy boy!  Amnio results confirm it.  Size of a large mango.
April 30, 2007 Baby Landers gave Momma such a jolt/kick/punch today that she jumped, then cracked up while sitting alone at a table at PF Chang's. Other guests may have been amused, or confused, or just convinced of her insanity. Perhaps the little one was inspired to try some martial arts moves after Mommy had Kung Pao Scallops.
May 1, 2007 20 weeks - size of a small cantaloupe. Next week he'll be the size of a small banana. Cracks me up.
May 7, 2007 Heart beat sounded like a locomotive, at 148 beats per minute. The doctor said he was a happy little boy.
May 21, 2007 "Mr. Active" seems to hardly sleep, unless he's dreaming and/or sleep-punching at the same time. I'm not complaining, since I like to know he's there.  He lets me know often.  About a week or more ago I started feeling him in other places (internal) than the tummy area.  Can't wait till the bladder's in reach- yipes. 
May 22, 2007 No more fruit comparisons. Apparently he looks like a miniature human, or a doll now.  23 weeks and counting...3 more weeks until the 3rd trimester.
June 4, 2007 This kid moves all the time.  He's gone from an "Oh, this is the spot where he's moving- hope he does it again" to an "Okay, put your hand anywhere on that belly and you're bound to feel something." Today the heartbeat could be heard down low, and his head was down, with his back bowing into the right side of my belly, hands and feet on the left side, with butt up.  This is, of course, subject to change.
June 12, 2007 26 weeks completed, beginning of 3rd trimester.
July 2, 2007 We didn't get any printouts of the ultrasound since it was hard to differentiate whole parts, just pieces. Plus he was looking away, so no face shot.  Perhaps he's a shy one.
July 10, 2007 30 weeks completed.
July 16, 2007 Baby was head down and to the left, butt up, and legs to the right during the exam.  The nurse practitioner said that he was very cooperative in helping her identify which way he was situated, since he pretty much moved on command.
July 30, 2007 Baby was very active during the exam.  The doctor said he was "growing along quite nicely" and that I "won't have a small baby."  I blamed James, of course. She also said I had a "perfect pregnant tummy."  I'm not exactly sure what that means - maybe it was symmetrical and they don't tend to be?  She also said he was very cute each time he kicked her when she was trying to count his heartbeat.
August 5, 2007 Baby parts could be seen through the ultrasound, and measurements indicated that he's approximately 4.7 pounds. While on the monitors I noted that his heartbeat would go up substantially after he moved (from the 120s or 130s to the 150s or 160s - 170s at times), and his heartbeat would also increase when I moved or exerted myself at all. His head was down, but not engaged yet.
August 12, 2007 A couple of days ago we got to see Ethan via ultrasound again. Just parts, but we verified he's about 5 lbs, and is still male.


Date Table

Due Date

9/18/2007   Conception 12/26/2006
Pregnancy Test 1/10/2007   1st Heartbeat 1/23/2007
Quickening expected: 4/17/2007
actual: 4/6/2007
  Viability 5/29/2007
Week 1 (end of) 12/19/2006   Week 22 5/15/2007
Week 2 12/26/2006   Week 23 5/22/2007
Week 3 1/2/2007   Week 24 5/29/2007
Week 4 1/9/2007   Week 25 6/5/2007
Week 5 1/16/2007   Week 26 6/12/2007
Week 6 1/23/2007   Week 27 6/19/2007
Week 7 1/30/2007   Week 28 6/26/2007
Week 8 2/6/2007   Week 29 7/3/2007
Week 9 2/13/2007   Week 30 7/10/2007
Week 10 2/20/2007   Week 31 7/17/2007
Week 11 2/27/2007   Week 32 7/24/2007
Week 12 3/6/2007   Week 33 7/31/2007
Week 13 3/13/2007   Week 34 8/7/2007
Week 14 3/20/2007   Week 35 8/14/2007
Week 15 3/27/2007   Week 36 8/21/2007
Week 16 4/3/2007   Week 37 8/28/2007
Week 17 4/10/2007   Week 38 9/4/2007
Week 18 4/17/2007   Week 39 9/11/2007
Week 19 4/24/2007   Week 40 9/18/2007
Week 20 5/1/2007   Week 41 9/25/2007
Week 21 5/8/2007   Week 42 10/2/2007