Danielle, my Little Sister


Danielle and I became a match through Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Colorado in November, 2003.  We get together about twice per month and do (hopefully) fun and interesting things.  Some of those endeavors are listed below, and pictures of a few of the events appear below.  

Danielle and I are at a BB/BS event at the Denver Museum of Art on January 31, 2004. Yes, those are natural silver highlights in my hair.

Danielle sitting in an old fire truck at the Denver Firefighter's Museum, in ... June or July, 2004.

This is a felt rectangle that we made together at a BB/BS event held at the Flatirons Mall.  They are going to make a collage out of the results and put it in their downtown office.

Danielle in her 8th grade school play, Peter Pan.  She's the highest Indian in this scene, in the center.



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