Ethan's Lessons Learned

Lesson Date Taught / Reinforced Scenario(s)
"Free" usually has a cost. 11/24/07 We wanted to use a coupon for a free photo sitting and printed photos, but it turned out that even though we had an appointment, we had to wait for over 40 minutes.  This was in a crowded K-Mart, with a 3-month old in an adorable vest and tie.  I say "over" 40 minutes because we left at that point so we could prevent total family starvation.
Close the door to the bathroom while using it. 11/22/07, 12/2/07 No comment.
We have to have challenges and goals - that's how we achieve things in life. 10/12/07 After turning from his tummy to his back with an arm underneath him, I took the arm out so he could try again without that added crutch (which he excelled at). This will be a recurring theme, I'm sure.
Television is evil. 9/22/07, several times before People zone out when in front of it (not the least of these examples would be Ethan's mother) and other probably more important parts of life or at least social interaction are missed.
Not everyone is good at what they do for a living. 9/12/07 A worker at the pediatrician's office doesn't provide a blanket or other comfort items for infants on the office scale, even though there's a zero-out feature that would negate its weight.